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Post-payment does seem to be a common payment method, but does it also work online? Consumers can choose various payment options when shopping online, but most payment options involve full prepayment. Online post-payment is often not yet a standard option in online checkouts, even though it is well-known and trusted method. In addition, most consumers prefer to receive a product before paying for it.

AfterPay, which was founded in 2010, makes post-payment an easy, secure and reliable option.  AfterPay has grown into a leading specialist in post-payment services. Its straightforward and transparent methods quickly acquired international fame, and in 2014 AfterPay became part of the Financial Solutions section of the arvato Bertelsmann group, which employs more than 6,000 staff in 21 countries.

Bertelsmann is a global media company which is active in television, books, magazines, services and printing. This international scope has enabled AfterPay to literally and figuratively broaden its horizons. AfterPay, which is now integrated into thousands of eStores, cooperates with a multitude of professional suppliers and partners and is continuously innovating. For example, AfterPay is closely involved in several innovative Omnichannel projects where AfterPay can be used in both traditional stores and online.