18 april 2019

AfterPay market share up 25% in the Netherlands

In Q4 2018 alone12.1 million people in the Netherlands shopped online, making 70.4 million online purchases worth 7.2 billion Euros. Of all these online shoppers, 15% at least paid with AfterPay once, which is a 25% increase compared to last year.
AfterPay market share up 25%
The number of online purchases has grown by 14% compared to Q4 2017. While online shopping allows consumers to shop anytime and anywhere, the drawback many times is that they are not able  to experience and try out the product. Of all online purchases in Q4 2018, 5% were paid via AfterPay, which is an increase of 25%. The number of payments by credit card, one-time direct debit and PayPal decreased slightly last year. 
Number of AfterPay users up 25% aswell
The popularity of paying after delivery continues to grow. In Q4 2018, the number of consumers who paid for at least one online purchase with AfterPay increased by 25%, from 12% of online shoppers to 15% over the past year. The number of online shoppers who made a payment via iDEAL has remained the same, the number of people who paid via PayPal or acceptgiro decreased. The average online shopper made 5.8 online purchases in Q4 2018 and 5.1 purchases per person in Q4 2017. The number of online purchases rose the most in Food/Nearfood (+24%) and Travel (+20%).
Smartphone purchases show strong increase 
In Q4 2018, more than a third (35%) of all online shoppers made at least one online purchase via a smartphone. This is an increase of 25% compared to the same period in 2017. The smartphone is the only device with an increase in purchases. The number of purchases from laptops and desktops decreased, the number of purchases from tablets remained stable.
The numbers on Dutch online consumer spendings come from Thuiswinkel Markt Monitor. This is a joint report from Thuiswinkel.org, GfK and PostNL based on consumer and retail research, which is published quarterly.


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