Find out how PAY. & AfterPay drive webshop growth is active in the watch outlet industry since 2008. The business buys luxury watches in bulk with the aim of reselling. The revenue model has turned into a success story. But before focusing on consumers, the watch specialist was mainly active in the B2B space. Founder Rutger Post elaborates:

“At a certain moment in time the B2B watch business became unstable. So, we looked at other ways to expand our companies’ activities”. Besides buying and reselling watches, launched six websites that also buy watches from brands and then resell them to consumers in various countries. “It gives us more control over the entire process as we are not dependent on others as much anymore”, says Rutger.


Fast delivery and excellent (customer) service

Outlet websites are not uncommon in e-commerce. Consumers love them because products can be bought online at a much better price. But what makes so special? A key factor in the company’s success is that it sells watches from well-known brands for extremely attractive prices. Besides its product offering, the speedy delivery (free in the Benelux) is one of the website’s unique selling points. “Many outlet websites take a week or longer to deliver orders”, says Rutger. “We do things differently. brings the customer experience of both customer care and overall service together in one webshop.”

And they’ve done it with great success. takes all risks by buying stock directly, meaning customers can expect their favorite watch to be delivered to their home the next day. Rutger: “That hasn’t been done before. We have many watches in stock. And on top of that, our customer care delivers excellent service by monitoring negative reviews and contacting dissatisfied customers directly. When consumers who shopped with us are happy, we’re happy too.”


A complete mix of payment methods

With a total of six websites, operates online completely. Each website appeals to a (geographically) different target audience. Because is active in different countries and offers products with higher order values, working with a payment provider is necessary. “We process large order volumes per day,” says Rutger. “That’s quite a large expense on an annual basis. And we also need to work with a payment service provider who can handle that traffic. PAY. not only gave us an interesting offer, but also gives access to the Admin Panel and different payment methods, like AfterPay.”

‘‘PAY.’s unique selling points are their personal approach and that they think along every step of the way. Contact with them is never a one-way street and they go the length to establish long-term success for both parties. That’s what makes PAY. so different from its competitors in the payments industry.” - Rutger Post, founder of

‘‘PAY. always responds quickly – exactly what you need from a payment service provider. We were working on the year-end closing a while back and we could not quickly find outstanding balances and the turnover. I called PAY.’s customer service and the issue was resolved in less than 10 minutes. Now that's what I call excellent customer service!"

With AfterPay,’s conversion rate increased significantly. And the availability of AfterPay in the checkout envokes a sense of trust – important when buying more expensive products. Rutger: “Another important point of added value is that communication is always easy. The payment mix in our webshop is truly complete with AfterPay.”


Accessibility of Shopify uses the e-commerce platform Shopify to sell its products online. This platform gives you access to responsive themes, multiple online sales channels, fraud analysis and more. “Shopify is perfect for us!”, says Rutger enthusiastically. “It’s low cost and easy to use, plus we can access the code ourselves. It’s a professional, flexible and scalable platform for our webshops. We’re only missing a multi-store functionality – essential for expanding to other countries.”

As an omnichannel payment provider, PAY. not only focuses on safe payments processing, but also offers plugins to integrate with e-commerce platforms like Shopify. It makes it even easier for entrepreneurs to install conversion-increasing payment methods in their webshop.

Being (and staying) profitable

Profitability is becoming more and more difficult in the outlet industry. The root cause for this development is the influence of platforms like Facebook and Google and the limited alternatives for online advertising. “Because that’s what enables you to drive serious traffic”, says Rutger.

As a data-driven business, wants to focus on both its growth objectives as well as increasing the marketing budget. Rutger: ”We see marketing costs increase and that data is increasingly important when running a webshop. We want to strategically respond to these developments.” That is why wants to continue with A/B testing and data tracking. Rutger adds: “At a first glance our webshops look very 'flat', but behind the scenes we work with an enormous amount of data." Customers who visit one of’s webshops are constantly shown different types of content. “This is not only based on click behavior, but also based on variables like gender and age, letting us show specific products and USP’s to different audiences. And with that we trigger our current and new customers," says Rutger.

‘‘When contacting a company’s support desk, you often end up in a vicious circle: if you need immediate support, you’re referred from chatbot to agent and are told you’ll be called back. Or not! And then you’ll have to fix the problem yourself. But PAY. demonstrates the perfect balance between professionalism and a personal approach. You always receive a targeted answer from support or customized advice."


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